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19TONES︎︎︎ issues authenticated 1 of 1 edition digital artworks, those are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain to prevent forgery and provide historical provenance. He is one of the first photo-artists who tokenizes photographs as NFT digital art.

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Edition 1 of 1
Available on KnownOrigin


Sometimes a picture can tell a different story when viewed from another angle. This is the second artwork from the "NEON H—ART: Part II" series I did in Hong Kong in March 2018.

This image was taken from the rooftop of a skyscraper in downtown Hong Kong. The red lights in the picture are an advertising screen. When I look at the landscapes of Hong Kong, I always imagine an alternative reality, where skyscrapers hang from the sky, where instead of the sky we see water, and the roads resemble the arteries of a living organism. This's another futuristic perspective on Hong Kong.

Artist's statement about the collection:

It's interesting to observe the way how Urban Exploration questions reality, rethinks city space through architecture, and deconstruction of color in photography. Every place captured by an artist becomes a particular geolocation, which is a means of communication with the audience. The place comes alive and becomes a subject of discussion on the internet or anywhere, it’s a way to navigate the city. Such places become a destination for urban explorers, and raise public awareness of themselves despite the fact that sometimes images can be captured illegal.

Shot live with no CGI.⁠

Dimensions: 3019 4526px

1st collector receives a hand-signed print, 1 of 1 edition for the given size & material: 40 ╳ 60cm, Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta

Created: 20.03.2018, 22:46:59
Location: Hong Kong, China
Plus Code: 75HJ+7V Hong Kong, China