19TONES® Artworks

Digital Artwork.


19TONES︎︎︎ issues authenticated 1 of 1 edition digital artworks, those are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain to prevent forgery and provide historical provenance. He is one of the first photo-artists who tokenizes photographs as NFT digital art.

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Upcoming Collections.

All artworks are divided into three different parts of the 19TONES Art: Prismagraphy, Urban Exploration & Collaborations with artists in different medium.

Prismagraphy︎︎︎ is a term 19TONES has created for portraits taken with physical prism because it is a large part of his art, since 2015.

Despite the fact that prismatic portraits looks like 3D, there are no CGI at all. It can be said that they are unrepeatable because you can’t undo your actions during a shoot —— that’s the value.

Expect the best selection from the first upcoming collection ‎‎‎«‎‎The Beginning of Prismagraphy»‎.

Urban exploration︎︎︎ is the exploration of manmade structures, usually hidden components of the city environment.

In 2015, 19TONES started his career from this genre, his work is still dedicated to Urban Exploration. He rethinks our reality, reveals an alternate one through work on Color, inspired by futuristic aesthetics. You could find his work on the website or Instagram.

At the moment, 19TONES is planning to release night photographs of Hong Kong from the “Neon H-ART: Part I”︎︎︎ and “H-ART:Part II”︎︎︎ series/collections.

Be sure, other series will be coming too.

Collaborations are an important part of Art, whether you are collaborating with an artist or an artist in a different medium, clear communication & revealing potential of both sides are key.

The collaboration must be completely new in the artistic environment and based on both artistic visions. 19TONES has collaborated with such artists like Pokras Lampas and L-Bank.

19TONES Collaborations will be released on the most valuable & rarest NFT platfroms along with Prismagraphy & Urban Exploration Collections.


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