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19TONES︎︎︎ issues authenticated 1 of 1 edition digital artworks, those are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain to prevent forgery and provide historical provenance. He is one of the first photo-artists who tokenizes photographs as NFT digital art.

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The Boundless

Edition 1 of 1
Available on Foundation


One day in 2016, I was walking around the city when it was raining. Suddenly I saw the reflection of skyscrapers and myself in a puddle. The picture fascinated me, and I decided to capture it. I'm still proud of this photo because it clearly represents the Urban Exploration genre I've been doing.

What I do love about this picture is that it's taken with no CGI or Photoshop, and it was 5 years ago.

Dimensions: 3019 4524px

Created: 07.10.2016
Location: Moscow, Russia
Plus Code: PGXQ+22 Presnensky District, Moscow